Monday 17 / June / 2024

How we stared

We started as an small company during the year of 1991, delivering the best fruits and vegetables of México to hotels and restaurants of Guadalajara like a Sirloin Stockade, Toks or Vips, since that time we have been growing and at this moment we proudly can say that we deliver the best vegetables to all our customers and also our good quality has recommended us to also provide to the penitentiary of Jalisco our vegetables and fruits from that success, the idea of expand becomes more and more necessary and that’s where ANDREA FRUIT COMPANY is created, this company was strongly impulse by Distribuidora Andrea and is  the international brand that exports the most selected fruits to the most delicatessen markets around  the world like Europe.



IMSS, Sirloin Stockade, Toks & Vips.